With more than 20 years experience in PR, I've worked primarily in B2B, mainly hi-tech.  I've talked, listened, planned, delivered communications of all kinds for organisations of all sizes, from industry giants like IBM or Hitachi to early stage technology companies from all over the world to one-person service companies.  i've seen companies grow from minnow to an IPO on Nasdaq - and go spectacularly bust*.  I've successfully lobbied the UK Government, I've worked directly for the EU, I helped launch the Anzac biscuit in Sainsburys.  I've run national and international campaigns, created international networks of agencies, participated positively in international PR networks run by others.   Whether it is running the Press Office at a major international conference in Cannes or a series of product reviews or setting up a tour of the industry analysts, i've been there, done that.  I've got an awful lot of T-shirts and umbrellas with company logos on them.  

For many tech companies, the UK arm is implementing (or trying to implement) marketing and PR plans initiated elsewhere - and the UK gets the most attention in EMEA because the Americans can easily understand what is written in English, less so what is written in Arabic or French.  I know how to walk that path, ensure that enough of what the USA dictates is delivered, even though plans designed in the USA are developed for a very different media environment.  

Talk to me about your organisation, its aims and ambitions, where it is now and where it wants to be.  I will listen, think, research, think more, before responding with a plan and suggestions for how communications can help make those aims and ambitions realities.   

*  don't worry, I'd backed off months before the going-bust happened, worried that the CEO was playing wilely beguile with the investors money