Finding the right words

I'm a writer, providing words for any need.  I've written sales and marketing presentations, crisis management systems, speeches, strategic reports as well as the expected press releases, blogs, letters to the editor, marketing strategy reports, brand identity definitions, newsletters and articles.  The starting point is always defining the requirement, the audience and the desired result.  

We're all drowning in more words than ever these days, so it is all the more important to get it right.  At the same time, it is important not to over-fuss about it - perfection is a rarity, and good enough is good enough.  

As part of my services, I can manage the production of words for you, so that the blog doesn't suddenly stop in month 2, and before you know it, a year has gone by and anyone who looks at your website sees the last blog entry as 2011, the facebook page ditto or the newsletter stop after issue 1.  Whether you want to do the writing in-house or get me or one of my network freelancers to write it, I can work with you to plan out 2 - 6 months worth of blog entries at a time and keep track of developments and news that should be reflected in your communications, so that it is flexible and responsive while providing enough structure to make it easy to deliver.  

The web has changed an organisation's need for words dramatically.  The web is a dynamic, iterative environment for words - you have a choice between a static website and a dynamic one.  Whichever one you pick, you've got to make the most of it.  So if dynamic - which is much more SEO friendly - then you've got to feed it with new words, new images, new content regularly.  it is a bit like keeping a tamagotchi alive.  

Dynamic internet content means video and audio.  I can identify opportunities for video and audio content & manage its production.