Research is another name for checking out the 'hood, making sure that what you are doing has customer appeal and commercial potential, what your competition is - and yes, there is always competition even if your product or service is wholly innovative and has never been seen before, there is always the status quo and inertia is the hardest competition to fight - what your customers are really thinking and how they truly use your products or services.  The internet is a lovely research tool but there is nothing like talking to actual people to find out what is going on in their heads.  

Whether you want me to find you a market research company that will produce the type of research you need, which can range from a survey to drive PR coverage to very technical product analysis and comparison, I have a substantial contact book to put at your disposal.  If I don't have the right contact immediately, then I know how to find what you are looking for.  

I am a good researcher myself and can recognise that in others.  My speciality is qualitative research, you know the in-depth interview kind rather than the number crunching '76% of people said their cats preferred cat nip'.  I have a very good track record in talking to customers and getting them to participate in PR and marketing activity as well as providing content for all manner of uses.