The web wants more than words if you want your organisation to be truly engaging to its audiences.  I am always amazed at how well watched video is when I put one on a Facebook page.  It is a great mystery to me that there are people with the time to watch video or listen to audio, but there can be no doubting that it will get more attention than plain ol' words.  

Some top tips to keeping your online presence alive.  The keys are:

- plan - identify possible content in advance, don't just want for inspiration and opportunity to bash you over the head

- react and respond to news - which means keeping track of whats going on in your peer group, your customers' peer group, the Government and any relevant regulatory authorities, and just news generally

- rules - guidance is essential for any member of your organisation to know what types of contribution are acceptable in their own internet activity, a clear understanding of who is responsible for providing what content at what regularity for organisational web sites (which includes pages in social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn) helps everyone

- a time allowance - a reasonable expectation of the amount of time any one individual should be putting into internet activity - this is not an add on to someone's job description, it takes time to do it well, which should be recognised in the organisation's expectations

You want more than one person in your company to be active online.  Each person within your organisation connects to a different peer group, which has its own language and understanding.  

If you are a one man band, then you need a smart plan that limits the amount of activity you have to do each week to keep engaged and active online.  Using a platform like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you can create a weekly scheme of tweets and updates that will keep you alive online.  

I can help you set up any - or all - of the above so that you keep lively online without getting overwhelmed or distracted.  I can help you take a practical approach to generating or finding video and audio to add to your site to make it more engaging.