The first thing anyone asks of media training is will it teach them to answer questions like a politician.  The first thing I ask is Why do you want to answer questions like a politician?  Politicians aren't much appreciated - let alone liked or trusted - so why would you want to be like them?  If you want to sell someone something or persuade them of the rightness of your point of view, then treating the interviewer like an adversary is not usually the place to start.  It is an option, not an ideal.  

I can teach you how to answer questions like a politician - I'd prefer to teach you the skills and give you the confidence to make the choice of how you want to answer a question, what result you want to get and how to get it.  

I teach media handling skills for print and video interviews as well as training to give presentations and speeches effectively.  For full broadcast training, I usually recommend another professional, such as Caroline Kerr, ex-news reporter for ITN.  For specialist presentation training for an IPO, Sarah Cottam at Eloquential is hard to beat.