Sometimes PR seems to be just another thing to spend money on.  Bill Gates might have said if his marketing budget was only $1 he'd spend it on PR, but is it right for your business?  Get over the niggle by asking for a review, get an outside opinion with no axe to grind to help you define your requirements and your possibilities.  A review can cover:

- consideration of possible routes for PR, whether project, continuous campaign, in-house or agency - or really not much at all, fine tuning what is happening already to give more impact

- analysis of your competition's use of PR   

-  advice on appropriate spend according to turnover, profitability and marketing budget

- outline for ways forward

Spend money to save time, as my father always says.  A review of where you are at, whether that is annual retainer relationship with a PR company or someone's PA writing the odd press release when you move offices, will tell you how you can use PR to help your business grow in the most effective and appropriate way possible.