I like projects, with a clear beginning, middle and end, however big or small, from running the press office at some world-wide meeting for 20,000 professionals to producing the sales literature for an exhibition to doing that one press release.  Often, it seems to me that an organisation would get best bang for their PR buck by spending it on projects rather than eeking it out as a monthly retainer.  

One or two effective pieces of coverage can be used time and time again in other marketing activity.  Establishing a track record for regular press releases is important for a company with aspirations to go public, not so relevant for a company that has no intentions in that direction.  Four months focus on acquiring customer comment, writing case studies, making podcasts or video clips for the website, encouraging customer participation in conferences or the customer club can be richer and more useful than a year of features research and pursuit. Sometimes it is a big event that would benefit from some experienced PR support.

If you think you might have a project requirement rather than an annual requirement for PR, then please do get in touch.  Lets talk about it and identify the priorities and possibilities.